Coping with grief

However inevitable death and dying are the hole left by the loss of someone you love can be immeasurable and the feelings overwhelming.

Grief can be complex depending on the circumstances and relationship dynamics around the death and for each person the length of time to process grief is different.

It can help to create space and time within your day to day life to allow yourself to feel the loss. Scary as that may sound. It might help to develop a ritual or daily routine that incorporates self-care, gentle physical exercise and healthy foods. Develop self-compassion and a nourishing narrative, however challenging. Journal your thoughts and feelings or process through art.

Be patient with yourself, get plenty of rest and take things one day at a time.

Relationships aren’t always straight forward and feelings of grief left over from challenging relationship dynamics can be surprising and challenging.

If you would like help to process grief, please get in touch:

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