Is anxiety holding you back at work?

I wrote a blog the other week about how to cope with anxiety. It got me thinking about times in my life when I feel, in retrospect, anxiety really held me back. It’s not always easy to see at the time or to know what to do. I’m not sure I always realised at the time. I knew something wasn’t working, life wasn’t coming together for me in the ways I thought it would, or wanted it to, and I was putting a lot of effort in for not a lot of gain sometimes.

If you’re experiencing feelings of anxiety and you think it could be holding you back in your career or relationships, there is a way through it.

Anxiety can erode self-confidence which can impact on all aspects of life including work and relationships. In day to day terms this could mean missing deadlines, procrastination, tiredness, loss of health generally, over eating or missing meals altogether and disinterest in the things you once enjoyed. You may be pulled to pass over opportunities at work or you might be overlooked for promotion.

Perhaps you realise that you aren’t as confident as you once were and you’d like to understand what’s happened. If we are prone to feelings of anxiety we may opt to stay within a comfort zone that enables us to avoid anxious feelings. Because let’s be honest, it feels pretty scary to have those feelings.

Whilst all this is completely understandable, that approach doesn’t get us to where we want to be in life. I believe life is all about developing the resilience to get out there, grab opportunities and live the kind of life that’s worth living.

If any of the above resonates with you and you would like help to understand what’s going on.  Why not get in touch:

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