Life and Business Coaching:

Even the most talented, successful and highly motivated individuals find life challenging at times and there will always be situations that we have little or no control over.

As an experienced, qualified and professional psychotherapist and coach I have years of experience of working with people just like you who despite their many competencies, aren’t able to forge ahead in life in the ways they want to.

My unique, friendly approach is collaborative and respectful. Sessions are confidential, individual and we’ll make sure they fit around your lifestyle and other commitments.

Whether it’s personally, professionally or both, I can teach you real world skills that you can utilise long after our sessions have ended. You’ll be able to see for yourself the difference a little coaching can make in your life. 

Life flies by and if you’re already a ‘100 mile an hour’ person but still not feeling productive enough or getting what you need out of life, a new perspective and a new insight can guide you and help you re- evaluate what’s important to you.  

Email me – – today and let’s have a chat about what’s going on.

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