Coping with anxiety

Most people experience some form of anxiety at some time in their lives. The feelings of anxiety that you’re experiencing are your body’s physiological response to a perceived danger. The feelings are very real regardless of whether there is actually a real danger in that moment or not. Your body is remembering and is perceiving danger and responding. Your brain is trying to keep you (the organism) alive when it feels threatened under the perceived danger.

When we understand what’s going on and what’s triggering your anxiety, (and we can learn that through the process of therapy) we can begin to learn new coping strategies for how to cope with it so that it impacts day to day life as little as possible and we can actually begin to live a life worth living. Anxiety can be debilitating.

If you’re struggling with anxiety, you don’t need to struggle on alone. The first step forward is to reach out and find a therapist that you feel comfortable with. Therapy may not always feel comfortable but you should always feel safe with your therapist.

Meanwhile, the following suggestions may help you to cope:

  1. Consider developing a daily routine that includes some form of physical exercise.
  2. Reduce daily alcohol, caffeine, processed sugar intake, recreational drugs and smoking/vaping.
  3. Develop self compassion.
  4. Learn how to breathe. 4,4,4,4.

If you would like to explore your feelings of anxiety

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