Choosing a therapist

I’ve had quite a few enquiries this week from prospective new clients and it reminded me of when I was choosing a therapist for the first time and embarking on this journey quite some time ago now.

It takes a great deal of courage to consider beginning in therapy let alone taking the first step to contact a therapist. I guess if you’re reading this you will be looking at my website and you may possibly be wondering if I would be a good therapist for you to work with.

If you’ve found me on Counselling Directory or Psychology Today, then you may have also read my profile on the BACP website. Hopefully you’ve also had a look around this website and got an idea of how I work. This is essential. I’d even suggest approaching maybe three therapists that stand out, having a consultation or initial chat with them before making any decisions. Being a member of a large body or organisation is important as high standards of work and ethics are critical. As a client you’ll want to be choosing a therapist that has both experience and a reputable qualification and on top of that you’ll want to find someone that you feel you connect with initially.

Counselling is so much about the relationship between the client and the therapist and it does take time to develop that relationship. You’ll know if you’ve found someone you can work with by listening to your inner voice or gut instinct. Your feeling of safety with that person is essential to the work you’ll do together so do follow your instincts and take your time to find the right therapist for you. A good therapist will listen and to their client and will be open to talking together about whatever comes into the session.

If you’re considering therapy and you’d like an initial chat with me, please email in the first instance and I wont hesitate to get back to you as soon as possible.

Best wishes, Jo.

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