Lockdown challenges

I was thinking a bit about some of the challenges many of us are facing right now and wondering how many of us are focussing on the positives?

I know I haven’t always been. But if I stop to think and look around me, working remotely has allowed me some additional balance in life and I wonder how I managed without it.

I crave a feeling of normality, much like anyone else. I wonder if that feeling will ever return? In the meantime, where is our focus and how do we try to begin to notice the positives when we are surrounded by limitations, challenges and depressing stories.

For me find it helpful to limit my access to the news. I’ve re discovered a love of reading and I get outside as much as I can. I love nature walks.

Walking in nature truly allows me to feel alive. It provides clarity of thought and space to explore whatever’s coming up for me.

I love working with people, I find people inspiring. I learn so much from working with people- about others and myself. Connecting with people is so essential to human wellbeing, and during this time of increased isolation it’s critical that people stay connected to those close to them in any way possible.

Look for opportunities to connect in new ways, try to be creative and explore new ideas and new past times. Invest your time in activities that allow you to move your body and if you can take that activity outside, that’s even better! Try to do things that raise your energy levels rather than deplete them.

If you’re someone who feels they have no one who they feel connected to, You wont be alone in feeling that. Many people have lost touch with friends or relatives due to family ruptures and disagreements. For many, lockdown has highlighted a lack of authentic relationships, absence or difficulties that perhaps were not evident in the general hubub of the light of day before.

There is opportunity there though. Seek out new connections, find old friends, work on your own self development. Just because it’s like this now, doesn’t mean it always will be. Your life is your own and you can steer it in any direction you choose.

If you would like to chat with me about setting out on a new course in your life, send me an email. I can help you focus on what you want and support you in taking the steps to get there.


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