Dialogues Low Cost Counselling Service officially launched

I’m very excited to say that there is now a community, non profit counselling service in the heart of the Happy Valley of Hebden Bridge. I’ve always felt extremely strongly that good, professional counselling services shouldn’t only be available to those that can afford them. It’s really important that we are taking care of the wellbeing of all people.

Alongside my private practice I run Dialogues Counselling Service, an organisation that provides counselling placements to trainees and unlimited counselling and psychotherapy sessions to adults and young people living in and around Hebden Bridge, Todmorden and Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire.

Trainees: If you’re an exceptional trainee of counselling or psychotherapy, and you’re looking for a placement please send me an email requesting a recruitment pack. You need to already have at least 20 client contact hours or be working towards that.

Clients: If you’re here looking for counselling or psychotherapy and you’re either on an NHS waiting list for a limited number of Counselling/CBT sessions, or don’t feel able to wait please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We don’t have a waiting list.

We offer low cost counselling to anyone who is eligible. We don’t judge, we just want you to feel supported in your life. Have a chat with us today or you can refer yourself by emailing us: talktodialogues@gmail.com.

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