Creating positive change

As Summer changes to Autumn here in the beautiful South Pennines my mind wanders and contemplates a return to well-trod routines… I love routines because feeling a sense of achievement and ‘getting stuff done’ is both essential and important to me. However, when routines become more about ‘doing more’ and ‘being less’ I begin to feel out of kilter.

Being out of kilter can be a feeling of being off balance, strung out or stressed. That energy has to go somewhere and it could come out side-ways at the people that least deserve it if it isn’t caught in time.

For me the permission I give myself during summer to have a really good break helps me to re set and keeps me on track. During Summer I naturally spend some time reflecting on how I am using my minutes, hours, days and months and I choose to change things if I’m feeling stuck or if the things I am doing are no longer of benefit.

If you have school age children you might be contemplating a return to the rush of that routine and wondering how you are going to fit everything in again. I know what that’s like. Maybe you’re looking forward to them going back so you have more time. I also know what that’s like. Or maybe you’ll feel directionless and lost when they aren’t around during the day. I also know what that’s like!

Please know that you can change anything you want to, whether it’s a physical action, a behaviour, a way of life, a thought- anything.

When I feel like I need a change… I find a way to make it happen.

Because doing what you’ve always done won’t make change happen and neither will hoping someone else will do it for you. And BTW doing nothing is still making a decision.

There’s nothing wrong with doing nothing as long as you’re happy.

So this is about the desire to make change happen even if your mind is telling you can’t for some reason.

Whilst you may genuinely not have time in your current routine, it is possible to change your routine to create more time. It’s a question of digging deeper.

For me digging deeper means assessing my priorities and sometimes- getting up earlier in the morning or asking for help. I realise I may not be popular right now! But seriously, no one is going to do it for you and it’s so empowering to be in the driving seat of your life.

So I ask you, is there an aspect of your life that you’d like to tweak or change and can you dig deeper in order to make it happen?

Email me for information on my new 6 week daily practice to create positive change in your life.

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