Ask me about my Eco Walk and Talk sessions…

Are you considering counselling but feel that sitting in a counselling room doesn’t do it for you? For some people the thought of counselling face to face or online 121 is intimidating, too intense or anxiety inducing.

I wanted to take a moment or two to talk about the Eco Walk and Talk sessions that I’ve been doing, they’ve become quite popular (and not just because the weather has suddenly improved!).

I decided to offer these kinds of sessions to some clients for whom face to face therapy was challenging and off putting. I believe that everyone who wants counselling should be able to access it and it seemed to me that for anyone for whom the counselling room feels intimidating might benefit from being in the therapeutic environment that is nature.

Walk and Talk sessions aren’t for everyone and often there is value in whatever feelings are brought into the counselling room. They can be talked through together and worked through but for people who would not otherwise seek counselling because the room is a barrier, I feel this type of session is a beneficial alternative.

Come rain or shine being amongst nature offers the most incredible healing environment. I challenge anyone not to feel better after a stroll through long grass, under the bows of aging trees or through trickling streams.

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