Counselling for Couples

A relationship is the container where security and love can grow and develop over time and each partner feels safe, valued and able to be themselves. Blending their individuality in freedom, choosing to be together, investing their time and energy willingly, collaborating in decision making equally, resilient and open to weathering the storms of life. They freely engage in counselling as maintenance for their relationship because they acknowledge that in the busy ness of life their relationship will likely suffer if they do not devote the time to continue to connect and remember why they joined together in the first place.

Sound anything like your relationship? If not, you aren’t alone…

In reality couples come to counselling often as a last resort. Many opt to break up and never really understand what went wrong, finding that when they move on to the next relationship the same things are happening.

It’s easy to blame the other person and it takes a lot of courage to look at ourselves.

Coming to couples counselling shows a willingness to understand yourself, your partner and your relationship. Counselling provides the space for each partner to explore the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that they bring. The space created allows room for each person to say how they feel, express their wishes and desires whilst truly being heard.

Life is busy, with any number of ‘priorities’ preventing us from connecting with one another.

Let me help you to work through the issues in your relationship and you never know, maybe you’ll rediscover why you came together in the first place.

£55 per 60 minute session. e: t:07949 002 084

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