Counselling for Couples

A relationship is the container where security and love can grow and develop over time and each partner feels safe, valued and able to be themselves. Blending their individuality in freedom, choosing to be together, investing their time and energy willingly, collaborating in decision making equally, resilient and open to weathering the storms of life. They freely engage in counselling as maintenance for their relationship because they acknowledge that in the busy ness of life their relationship will likely suffer if they do not devote the time to continue to connect and remember why they joined together in the first place.

Sound anything like your experience? If not, you aren’t alone…

In reality, couples often come to counselling as a last resort. Of those that don’t, many opt to break up and never really understand what went wrong, finding that when they move on to the next relationship the same ‘issues’ occur.

Coming to couples counselling shows a willingness to understand yourself, your partner and your relationship. I can provide a calm relaxing space for couples to explore their thoughts and feelings as Individuals as well as part of a union. With clarity, clear and effective communication can provide enough insight and understanding to discover and explore what the future might look like.

It is my aim that both partners feel safe, heard and supported so that they can work out differences, agree to disagree or amicably separate and navigate the potential challenges ahead as grown-up adults.

Life is busy, with any number of priorities. If you feel the pressures of life are getting to you, if you’re experienced a life event that is making being together challenging, if you feel you and your partner are drifting apart and want to keep your relationship alive perhaps it would help to have some space to talk about it. With someone who is completely neutral, supportive and without agenda.

Appointments are subject to availability, and take place in my office in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. Please email me for up to date appointment times and cost. Standard sessions are 60 minutes.

£100 per 60 minute session. e: t:07949 002 084

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